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What is MH/DS of the East Central Region?

The Mental Health/Disability Services of the East Central Region (ECR) was formed under Iowa Code Chapter 28E to create a mental health and disability service region in compliance with Iowa Code 331.390. Within this region, the ECR will create a regional management plan designed to improve health, hope, and successful outcomes for the adults in our region who have mental health and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities, including those with multi-occurring substance use issues, health issues, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and other complex human service needs.

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Under Mental Health Redesign legislation (SF2315), the regions are required to provide core services. These include:

  • Treatment designed to ameliorate a person’s condition such as outpatient therapy or inpatient treatment, and medication management

  • Basic crisis response provisions including 24-hour access to crisis services

  • Support for community living, such as home health aides and home and vehicle modifications, as well as respite services

  • Support for employment including prevocational services, job development and day habilitation

  • Recovery services including peer and family support

  • Service coordination including coordinating physical health and primary care

Instead of having services in only one county to choose from, Iowans now have a regional base of services which meet statewide standards to address their needs. Counties get to pool their resources and offer a core set of services to help improve the health of Iowans.

This aligns with the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Olmstead decision in 1999 which said people of any age with disabilities should receive supports in the most integrated setting consistent with their needs.  

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