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The Mental Health/Disability Services of the East Central Region (ECR) was formed under Iowa Code Chapter 28E to create a mental health and disability service region in compliance with Iowa Code 331.390.

The ECR will maintain a Regional Management Plan designed to improve health, hope, and successful outcomes for adults in our region who have brain health challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities, including those with multi-occurring substance use issues, health issues, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and other complex human service needs.

Our Mission

The mission of the ECR is to collaboratively strengthen the regional network of quality and accessible supports to meet the needs of adults and children with disabilities.

Our Vision

The vision of ECR is to ensure a responsive system that:

  • Honors the complexity of a region with urban and rural counties.
  • Adapts to the changing legislative landscape to advocate for stable and predictable funding.
  • Continues to be forward-thinking while ensuring fiscal responsibility.
  • Demonstrates acceptance and value of all citizens to promote developmentally responsive support and mental wellness.

Our Values

Service Orientation
Staff of ECR will strive for equitable, inclusive and collaborative opportunities that meet the needs of people supported by ECR while building community and creating awareness of the region.

Staff of ECR will consistently and proactively demonstrate a commitment to productivity, teamwork, innovation, and creativity in order to ensure efficient communication and realistic fiscal responsibility for the region.

Staff of ECR will use sensitivity, compassion and humility to support a family-like atmosphere while being patient, mindful and accepting of people supported by the region.

Staff of ECR will ethically promote transparency, trustworthiness, accountability, honesty and respect among regional staff and will encourage such with regional partners.

HIPAA Policies