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Brain Health Tips





Embarrassment Doesn’t Last Forever

When you’re a teenager, not only are you juggling academics, extracurriculars, and changes in your body, but you’re also learning how to balance responsibilities, social life, and expectations. Naturally, you ...
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Choosing Your Words Wisely

How casually saying things like “She’s so OCD” or “Don’t have a panic attack” can alienate people with invisible illnesses—and what to say instead. Choosing Your Words Wisely is Important ...
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To Grow Up, Speak Up: A Guide for Teens Who Want Help

Being a teenager can be tough. Not only are you in some of your most formative years, but you are also gearing up for your next chapter. While this is ...
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Taking Medication is Not a Sign of Weakness

  Medications have been used around the world to relieve symptoms, prevent infection, and cure sickness for hundreds of years. In fact, most of us have an abundance of over-the-counter ...
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Is It the Winter Blues — Or Something Else?

  For millions of Americans, a change in the weather can trigger seasonal affective disorder — a serious condition you don’t want to overlook. There’s a surprising connection between the ...
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