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Linn County

CEO Mechelle Dhondt

+1 (319) 892-5671

Benton County

Carol Zander

+1 (319) 472-4743

Bremer County

Jan Heidemann

+1 (319) 352-2993

Jones County

Lucia Herman

+1 (319) 462-4457

Buchanan County

Julie Davison

+1 (319) 334-7450

Delaware County

Peggy Petlon

+1 (563) 927-5116

Dubuque County

Jody Jansen

+1 (563) 589-7870

Iowa County

Marilyn Austin

+1 (319) 662-4245

Johnson County

Jan Shaw

+1 (319) 339-6169

Jones County Auditor

Fiscal Agent

Janine Sulzner

Johnson County Office

Finance Coordinator

Deborah Seymour-Guard

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Send us a message. If you are submitting an application online, please let us know in the details and we will reply so that you can have an encrypted email to attach your application to. If you would like to file a concern about HIPAA, please fill in the subject as “HIPAA” and click submit.

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