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ECR Peer Support Day on the Hill

August 20, 2020  |  Posted in
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On April 2, 2019 about 20 attendees asked the legislators to introduce future legislation to lift the cap on Medicaid reimbursement for Peer Support in Iowa. Currently, the reimbursement rates are capped at 4 hours per month, with a reimbursement of $12.50 per 15 minute units.

The goal behind the ECR Peer Support Day on the Hill was to give peer support specialists a voice.

Todd Lange of Amerigroup, and Sara Sedlacek of CommUnity, formerly The Crisis Center, lead a brief workshop prior to visiting the Capitol. They gave examples of conversations and described the process of requesting to speak with your legislators. Everyone involved reviewed talking points, was assigned certain Representatives and Senators to meet with, and then headed to the Capitol.

Individuals who attended handed out informational one-pagers to each legislator and spoke about the importance and value of peer services.

Thank you Senator Todd Taylor for taking the time to speak with our Peer Support group!

Reactions to the ECR Peer Support Day on the Hill were overwhelmingly positive. Most of the legislators met with were appreciative of the awareness and education that the group brought. Others were familiar with the Medicaid reimbursement process for Peer Support and offered suggestions for future endeavors.

If you’d like to learn more about Peer Support and get involved, visit the Iowa Peer Support Coalition Facebook page.

Photo taken inside the Senate Chambers (L to R): Evan Harney, Jenn Day, Todd Foldesi, Sen. Liz Mathis, Sen. Joe Bolckom, Miranda White MSW Practicum Student, Jan Heidemann ECR Operations Coordinator, Tom Morrissey