Check out the ECR Learning Community!

In June of 2014, the Mental Health and Disability Services of the East Central Region was born. In that first year, providers across the region received training funded by the region but it left them wanting more. So almost exactly one year after the ECR’s inception, the Learning Community was created.

The Learning Community is a place for providers in the region to share best practices, learn new skills, and share in a safe space in order to improve the delivery of service to those in our communities who are in need.

“There are so many benefits to the Learning Community,” said facilitator Jan Heidemann. “I honestly learn something new at every meeting.Whether it’s about a new diagnosis, disability group, or another topic, I always have new information to bring back to my colleagues.”

The Learning Community provides resources to help your agency build capacity in order to serve people with interfering behaviors, positive changes in organizational culture, increased client engagement, satisfaction and retention in treatment, individuals served feel empowered, access to trainings, and you and your agency will become part of a community of “like- missioned” providers, creating a support group of collaborators, not competitors.

A mix of front line staff, supervisors, and administrative staff; individuals who are champions and leaders (official or unofficial) within the agency; or individuals in educator roles within the agency are encouraged to attend.

“It is just so beneficial for organizations to have this time to brainstorm and share best practices with one another,” said Heidemann.

Heidemann said she’s proud of how the Learning Community has grown over the past two and a half years but she’s looking for someone to help take it to the next level.

“We’re really looking to empower leaders within the Learning Community and provider network to take the lead on this,” she said. 

Anyone interested in helping with the Learning Community should contact Jan Heidemann at