The MH/DS of the East Central Region is pleased to release this RFP for the development and delivery of Intensive Residential Services (IRSH) in our region.  This is an essential service in order to support our most vulnerable population who experience co-occurring disorders, so provider agencies who work with people with brain health concerns and/or with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities may submit a proposal.  ECR is eager to support the start-up of the service and hopes to have a contract in place by the end of the fiscal year with the expectation that the service begin in the first quarter of FY23.

If you’re agency chooses to submit a proposal, please consider both start-up costs and the per diem you would require in order to deliver the service.  Both may be adjusted in the negotiation process with the selected provider(s), but we will need a starting point to complete our proposal review.

Please note that the region will accept questions about this RFP until May 10th and respond to those questions by May 13th.  Proposals will be due June 3, 2022.

In addition to the financial support the region is offering, please accept our appreciation for the partnership that a project of this scope will require and know that the Regional Governing Board has also pledged a philosophical and ethical commitment to this project.

Here is a link to the proposal.

Responses to the questions submitted can be found by clicking here.

Protocol for No Eject No Reject document can be found by clicking here.