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Brain Health Outreach

What is Brain Health?

“Brain health” is another way to talk about our collective cognitive, emotional and behavioral health. It is often used in place of “mental health.” Here’s why:

The human brain helps you think and solve problems. It controls our senses, like vision and hearing. It regulates emotions. And so much more.

Because mental illness primarily affects the brain, there is a false belief that it is something you can simply "think your way out of." This misunderstanding leads people who could benefit from treatment to suffer in silence. But by expanding the way we talk about our feelings, thoughts and behaviors, we can normalize our experiences and lessen the unfair stigma that comes with these challenges.

Replacing "mental health" with "brain health" in everyday conversations helps us recognize the biological and neurological basis for conditions like anxiety or depression. This understanding — that brain health is not so different from your physical health after all — can encourage people who are suffering to get the help they need and deserve.