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Children’s Behavioral Health

The ECR will ensure an array of services and supports that promote developmental growth and mental wellness across the lifespan. A sub-committee of Coordinators of Disability Services met with the CEO multiple times throughout late 2019 and early 2020 to determine how best to implement the needed changes for the creation of the Children’s Behavioral Health Services system. A survey was developed and sent to a broad scope of providers, educators, public health, juvenile court services, CPPC (Community Partnerships for Protecting Children), and anyone interested in children’s brain health issues. The results from that survey are in the document above. The survey included a question about interest in being on the Children’s Advisory Committee. To see the current committee members as well as agendas and minutes from their meetings, please see the Children's Advisory Committee section on the Advisory Committees page.

For more information on Children's Behavioral Health please contact:

Lucia Herman, LBSW
105 Broadway Place, Suite 2
Anamosa, Iowa 52205

(319) 462-4457


  • Children’s Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Coordinator



Available Services

  • Assessment and evaluation for eligibility​
  • Outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment​
  • Medication prescription and management​
  • Prevention​
  • Education​
  • Behavioral health inpatient treatment​
  • Crisis stabilization community-based services​
  • Crisis stabilization residential services​
  • Mobile response​
  • Early identification ​
  • Early intervention

Additional Contacts

Braxton Scott  |  CPPC  |  DeCat

Nicole Mann  |  DeCat

Gwen Demming  |  DeCat

Lynette Jacoby  |  DeCat

Laurie Nash  |  CPPC

Heather Weers  |  CPPC  |  DeCat

Jeanette Shoop  |  CPPC  |  DeCat

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